Analytics Usage Statistics

Statistics for websites using Analytics technologies

Google Analytics
Facebook Domain Insights
Google Conversion Tracking
New Relic
Facebook Pixel
Quantcast Measurement

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Name 10k 100k Million Entire Web
SEO_META_KEYWORDS 1 9 211 20,441

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Analytics, or web analytics is gathered by measuring internet data either directly or indirectly. BuiltWith tracks on-site analytical systems that are typically identified by their javascript signature. Analytics typically works by allowing the javascript tag to perform certain functions such as creating a cookie (that allows return visitor tracking, bounce tracking) and testing browser functionality (version, screensize) as well as this the request provides the tracking code with information regarding the location of the visitor. All of this information is aggregated and compiled into the analytical information made available to the user.

Google Analytics which was launched in November 2005 is currently the most used analytical package on the internet, which was based on Urchin 5, which still features in the top analytical packages in use today, Google’s analytics javascript tag is probably the most hit URL in the world.