A/B Testing Usage

Statistics for websites using A/B Testing technologies

Google Optimize 360
Visual Website Optimizer
Omniture Adobe Test and Target
Google Content Experiments
Dynamic Yield

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Name 10k 100k Million Entire Web
Optimizely 890 3,495 9,030 222,074
Omniture Adobe Test and Target 507 1,371 3,060 4,608
Adobe Target Standard 418 1,088 2,368 222
Google Optimize 360 307 1,993 7,121 29,974
Mixpanel 274 1,252 5,314 57,312
Visual Website Optimizer 247 1,877 6,870 76,472
Monetate 148 397 747 1,391
Maxymiser 126 380 1,264 13,095
Google Content Experiments 96 437 1,539 31,463
SiteSpect 59 158 277 444

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A/B Testing is a method of using two variations of data to be shown to different sets of people, each variation has a defined goal which can be tracked as a conversion. The higher coversion for either variation is generally then used from then on. Further A/B experiments on that variation can then continue.

A/B Testing has gained in popularity in recent years thanks to it's simplistic approach to testing and the increase in ease-of-use tools to perform testing.