Bold Bundles Usage Statistics

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Attempts to boost order size by bundling products.

eCommerce · Non Platform · Shopify Theme

Bold Bundles Customers

Get access to data on 6,476 websites that are Bold Bundles Customers. We know of 6,476 live websites using Bold Bundles and an additional 0 sites that used Bold Bundles historically and 4,533 websites in the United States.

Bold Bundles Location Market Share and Movement
Technology Won Lost
Beeketing for Shopify Beeketing for Shopify 1,057 0
MailChimp for Shopify MailChimp for Shopify 963 0
Shappify Shappify 803 0
Shopify Product Reviews Shopify Product Reviews 682 0
WooCommerce WooCommerce 531 0
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