Framework Usage Statistics

Statistics for websites using Framework technologies

Shockwave Flash Embed
Ruby on Rails Token
Adobe Dreamweaver
Classic ASP
Ruby on Rails

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Name 10k 100k Million Entire Web
Orientation 0 2 129 36,909
Max Width 4 125 458 141,247
Min Width 4 64 169 286
Device Pixel Ratio 1 1 3 4
Device Width 18 146 1,200 78,307
Device Height 25 1,009 15,172 1,307,531
Resolution 0 0 5 11

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A framework in the BuiltWith definition of the word is a technology that is used to build a website from a development perspective. Many frameworks exist and each framework can typically have another framework built on top of it.

PHP is the most popular framework in the BuiltWith list, although many sites report PHP usage even if it is not being used. ASP.NET, Microsoft’s web development framework is the second most popular.

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