JavaScript Usage Statistics

Statistics for websites using JavaScript technologies

Facebook for Websites
Google Hosted Libraries
Facebook SDK
Twitter Platform
Google API
jQuery Placeholder

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Name 10k 100k Million Entire Web
Orientation 818 3,921 16,329 16,549
Max Width 0 0 0 23
Min Width 71 271 369 709
Device Pixel Ratio 1 30 50 104
Device Width 0 2 16 76
Device Height 1 10 59 4,065
Resolution 0 6 201 36,083

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JavaScript is a scripting language developed in 1995 by Netscape and added to the Netscape Navigator browser in the same year. JavaScript gave web browsers the power to do more than just load web documents. The majority of web sites in the world now use JavaScript and other aspects of the internet such as advertising and analytics and widgets almost depend on its existence. Frameworks and tools have been built to make using JavaScript easier or to provide specific functionality for other website functions.

JQuery is the most detected JavaScript library in use on the web. JQuery provides features and functions of JavaScript that not only make JavaScript browser agnostic but also ease the development process.