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Below is a random sample of sites using Facebook for Websites from our Pro system.

Domain Quantcast Rank Alexa Rank Additional Info 376 37,883 View on Pro 802 7,613 View on Pro 2,108 6,703 View on Pro 2,900 21,214 View on Pro 3,363 36,138 View on Pro

Our reporting infrastructure does not provide exportable lists larger than a million records. We have all of the results for this and can provide a RAW zip file access to the list.

Facebook for Websites websites with US Addresses
Websites using Facebook for Websites that have a valid State and Zip Code in the United States.
Facebook for Websites websites with .COM domain names
Websites using Facebook for Websites that have a .com extension.
Facebook for Websites websites spending over $500 a month on 3rd parties
Websites using Facebook for Websites that are estimated to be spending more than $500 a month on known 3rd party technologies across their business.
Facebook for Websites websites doing A/B Testing
Websites using Facebook for Websites that are implementing and using a tracked A/B Testing technology.
Facebook for Websites websites not doing A/B Testing
Websites using Facebook for Websites that are not using any known A/B Testing technology.
Facebook for Websites websites using Marketing Automation
Websites using Facebook for Websites that are implementing and using a tracked Marketing Automation technology.
Facebook for Websites websites not using Marketing Automation
Websites using Facebook for Websites that are not implementing any tracked Marketing Automation technology.
New Facebook for Websites Customers
Websites that started using Facebook for Websites in the last 3 months.
Facebook for Websites in Quantcast Top 1m
Facebook for Websites websites within top 1 million most traffic'd sites according to Quantcast.
Facebook for Websites in Alexa Top 1m
Facebook for Websites websites within top 1 million most traffic'd sites according to Alexa.
Facebook for Websites websites that default to HTTPS
Website which default to a HTTPS/SSL connection. Defaulting to HTTPS is more intensive for servers and is generally found on higher profile websites that can afford this.
Facebook for Websites - eCommerce Categorized
Websites using Facebook for Websites categorized as related to shopping.
Facebook for Websites - Financed Categorized
Websites using Facebook for Websites categorized as related to finance.
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Location Information

Our records provide postcode level location information for websites in the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands and Canada.



We provide US, UK, Australian, Canadian, French and German contact numbers for websites that have valid phone numbers.

Contact Names and Titles

Contact Names & Titles

We source our own names and titles covering CEOs, CFOs, Founders, Marketing Managers, Sales People and other roles. 100% exportable in CSV and XLS formats.

Company Name

Company Names

Valid corporate entity names for websites where they've provided the information on their website.


History 8+ Years

Find when a website started/stopped using technology anytime in the last 8 years.



Unlimited sub-technology-reports. Create lists of customers using multiple technologies, actively or historically.



Qualified and non-qualified emails from names and titles of contacts at the company to emails found on the site itself.

Tech Analysis

Market Share Analysis

Every report provides full technology usage breakdown for the report, showing the other technologies the websites in your report are also using.

Location Analysis

Location Analysis

Break reports down by their TLD, get all of your results for French, German, Australian, British and all world locations at the click of the map.


Predictive Leads

Use our historical technology to predict where potential new leads are coming from based on data in your reports.


Traffic Ranking

US Traffic ranking information for over 1.5 million sites



Shopping · Business · Health · Technology · Travel and more vertical website classification


Social Data

Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, PInterest and Facebook social links for websites.

All additional meta information attached to results is subject to the information being available.

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New Relic are an all-in-one SaaS web application performance tool that have over 17,000 customers and $214 million in funding.

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New Relic

Since 1999, Listrak has been at the forefront of eCommerce email marketing innovation with world-class software, solutions, and services. They employ over 100 people in Pennsylvania, USA.

BuiltWith has been an integral partner in identifying key market segment opportunities for us.
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Our reporting infrastructure creates reports with a maximum of a quarter of a million results. However when you create a report you can define different filters, providing you with different lists which would provide access to the millions of records for a technology.
An ecommerce category is a retail type category like "clothing" or "kids" - where the websites in that report are related to those ecommerce shopping types.
Yes, sign up for Basic and cancel your subscription. Your account will stay live for the entire month and you will be able to access, export and modify the list for as long as you like for that term. We'll also keep your report so if you come back again you start where you left off.
Yes. You can download an export all of the results, addresses, telephone numbers, titles, names for all 100,000 results with any subscription. The limit on Basic is the amount of unique technology reports you can create. So for example on Basic you could get all of the results and export them for Magento and Omniture Site Catalyst (2 base technologies). On Pro and Enterprise you can get as many as you need.
Our top site data consists of over 2 million active websites and is refreshed on a weekly basis. Our historical top site data encompasses over 80 million websites which are refreshed every month. Our entire internet coverage data (quarter of a billion websites) is refreshed every quarter.
A base technology is a technology you wish to use as the root of your technology interest. For example, if you define Magento as your base technology you can report on all sites using Magento and any combination of other technologies that the Magento sites use. Base technologies do not count towards lead analysis or API limits.
The report limit prevents abuse of our service. We provide the maximum amount of report flexibility as possible whilst not exposing all of our underlying data to content resellers.
Lead analysis and API calls have limits, see other FAQ questions for answers on them.
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The internet is made up of billions of webpages however we try to cover websites from a domain name ownership perspective rather than webpage perspective, our coverage for live domains covers the majority of the internet and attempts to exclude domain squatters and redirected domains as best as possible.
You can create 2 ecommerce categorized reports on Basic, unlimited on Pro and Enterprise. The limit enforces the different plan type options for getting more data from BuiltWith Pro.
They are websites that are in our database that have particular keywords just on the homepage of that websites. They are like a Google Search(tm) but just looking for the specific keyword or phrase you have entered. You can filter the keyword reports by technology i.e. sites that have the word 'dress' on the homepage that are using Magento eCommerce platform.
We are the source of the data, we don't use third parties to generate reports all our information is lovingly generated by ourselves.