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Name 10k 100k Million Entire Web
WordPress 2,768 24,158 237,322 19,545,516
Wordpress Monthly Activity 220 1,945 14,291 1,192,607
WordPress Weekly Activity 177 1,338 7,424 619,544
Blogger 63 675 15,738 732,294
Ghost 11 46 177 16,023
Tumblr 10 30 124 4,305
Medium 8 9 27 32
MovableType 6 65 320 25,024
Blog Engine 1 19 91 2,552
Svbtle 0 1 6 626

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The blog or weblog was invented in 1995 to provide a date ordered calendar style method of recording events. Typically web pages were static, with the advent of the blog more dynamic web sites started to exist. Early pioneers created platforms that allowed users to create “blogs” and share them with the community and their friends. Blogging became extremely popular at the start of the 21st century and has been one of the foundations of the social web. Owners of popular blogs are now invited to product launches and are provided much acclaim as their readership starts to outnumber regular newspaper companies.

WordPress is the most popular blog platform on the internet, with both an online hosted version and a downloadable self installation version available. WordPress offers many features including RSS syndication and easy to use administration features.