Media Usage Statistics

Statistics for websites using Media technologies

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Name 10k 100k Million Entire Web
MSN/Bing Webmaster 10 64 583 12,593
Google Webmaster 0 3 78 1,195
Yahoo Site Explorer 52 173 799 6,532
BuiltWith Validation 0 0 2 54
Yandex Verification 3 159 5,666 818,957
Majestic Site Verification 0 0 8 155
Penjejak Webmaster 0 0 3 23

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Media includes any element of a site that has an audio/visual theme. Although video media has been available on the internet for a while (typically via Windows Media Player and RealPlayer), embedded media was not as popular until the creation of in 2005. Since the creation on YouTube and the ever increasing availability of fast broadband, online media has become a mainstream internet medium.

YouTube embeddable video remains one of the most popular ways to add audio and video media to a website. Most videos viewable on are also embeddable on websites.