Encoding Usage Statistics

Statistics for websites using Encoding technologies

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Name 10k 100k Million Entire Web
UTF-8 7,833 70,123 811,671 73,713,661
ISO/IEC 8859 796 13,452 233,400 13,578,176
Shift JIS 4 51 7,827 1,143,070
GB 2312 3 45 8,401 3,745,606
GBK 2 18 2,900 525,359
Big5 1 15 1,083 96,293
Windows-1256 0 6 1,520 50,158
UTF-16/UCS-2 0 15 547 10,413

Encoding refers to the character encoding used to describe the page. BuiltWith can detect this as it is typically described at the top of the page or from within meta tags. Telling the browser what character encoding is being used allows the browser to render the correct characters on the screen, it also is the reason why visiting a Chinese language website will render in Chinese characters and not a Western character set and vice versa.

The majority of the top internet sites use UTF-8 encoding, a Unicode standard which is required by all internet protocols to be identifiable.

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